Money Birthday Cake

This was a fun cake order that got me experimenting and trying lots of new things. The customer wanted a money-themed cake for her husband’s birthday and wanted it to serve 25. She also gave me a picture of a cake for inspiration. The cake is a tasty buttermilk devil’s food cake filled with cream cheese frosting and covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. The coins are gumpaste dusted with sparkly gold luster dust for a little shine. The $100 bills are fun edible images that I had printed.


This cake turned out to be a bit trickier than I anticipated, but I definitely learned lots of good lessons for next time. Happy Birthday!

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  • Kela Berry says:

    Hi I like this cake a lot, where are you located and how much for this cake and how long would it take to make this

  • Raven says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you like the cake. For information about pricing, etc., please contact me through my contact form. I can’t give you good answers without knowing specifics about how many people you need to serve, flavors, and other details. Thanks for dropping by!

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